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Trang chủ / Mother Mary saved me (Radio 18: GRH– Real Life Stories)

Mother Mary saved me (Radio 18: GRH– Real Life Stories)


sHallowed maternal love is always an endless source of inspiration for many writers and poets. The mother is an embedded image in our minds which is described both simple, heartfelt and profound, symbolic by the poets. The mother is a gentle stream, a fairy song and the capital of love in life. Especially to the Catholic, there is another hallowed mother surpassing all the mothers in the earth. She is The Virgin Mary – Mother of Perpetual Help, who is more benevolent than all the women in the world. It’s hard to describe profoundly the enormous love Mother Mary give to human but only people who once experienced, especially in the most difficult moments in life, can understand it thoroughly. The following confidence of Minh Hang – a girl from Phu Tho province all the more asserts it, helping us discover again the boundless heart of Mother Mary – Mother of God – Mother of each of us. The story with the name “Mother Mary saved me” is read by Duyen Nguyen.

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